Cyber Ninja Corps (picture unavailable)

The Cyber-Ninja Corps (サイバーニンジャコープス, Saibā Ninja Kōpusu) is a proud and mysterious brotherhood that is also one of the centerpieces of the Autobot security apparatus. Trained cyber-ninjas guard the Autobots' most valuable technological secrets and may also be assigned to protect long distance missions.

The Cyber-Ninja Dojo of Master Yoketron served both as the corps' martial arts training grounds and also the sanctuary for crucial strategic assets that had been entrusted to their care.


Confirmed membersEdit

  • Yoketron, dojo master (deceased)
  • Prowl (training incomplete)
  • Jazz (went on to join the Elite Guard)
  • Lockdown (a rogue member who brought shame on the corps, before fully betraying it and killing Yoketron)
  • Heavy Load
  • Road Rocket

Fencers/Swordfighters/Melee Weapon UsersEdit


Wrestlers/Sumo WrestlersEdit

Notes & TriviaEdit

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