Cyb Elite Guard Badge

The Cybertron Elite Guard's symbol

The Cybertron Elite Guard (サイバトロン・エリートガード, Saibatoron Erīto Gādo) is the pinnacle of the Autobot military force, reserved for only the most distinguished graduates of the Autobot Academy. Its members are specialists, masters in their fields, and the unit is only called upon in the most dire of situations. It reports directly to the Supreme Commander of the Autobots. It also engages in some pretty shady business from time to time, from experimenting on other Autobots, to creating weapons of mass destruction, all the way to hiring unscrupulous bounty hunters.

The Elite Guard served under the direct command of Ultra Magnus, the Magnus of Cybertron and Supreme Commander of the Autobot military. During an Outbreak War riot on Cybertron, Dai Atlas was the general of the Elite Guard on Magnus' behalf.


Former MembersEdit
  • Elite Guard Bumblebee - Bumblebee wants to be a member of the Elite Guard, so he gave himself an Elite Guard paint job in what he hopes is a first step in becoming one.
  • Optimus Prime fits in here... somehow...
  • Prowl does as well, though how exactly boggles the mind...


In Autoboot Camp, Bumblebee and Bulkhead also registered to join the Guard. After Bumblebee and Bulkhead accidentally destroyed part of a simulated battle zone and injured their drill sergeant, Sentinel Minor, they were both given the boot and reassigned to space bridge repair duty.


In Transform and Roll Out, After seeing Optimus Prime save them from an incident on the asteroid where they were working, Bumblebee commented that with moves like that, Optimus should have gone into the Cybertron Elite Guard. Gee, way to rub salt in the wound, there, Bumblebee...

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