Cyclonus, Decepticon Saboteur

Cyclonus (サイクロナス, Saikuronasu) is considered of a mystery that even the other members of Team Chaar don't know what to make of him. A few centuries ago, he fell out of the sky over New Kaon, and the dark warrior isn't the type for exposition. A nihilist, Cyclonus cares for little and his expressions run cold and dispassionate. During the few occasions in which he speaks, he mentions only the imminent end of all things, and insists that all creation is ultimately doomed. He seems to long for this future apocalypse to come to pass and for this current age to be over, finished.

In battle, Cyclonus is a warrior unequaled. He carries twin Bleedblack blades that can sap the energy out of his opponents. He wages war tirelessly, thanks to a reactor linkage that seemingly once drew strength from an unknown, limitless source of energy via transwarp circuitry. Perhaps most peculiar of all is the circuitry he seems to share with Starscream, specifically Starscream's "self preservation" algorithms, which are disabled in Cyclonus.

Appearance & BiographyEdit

Voice actor: Not Known (English), Not Known (Japanese)

He has the veichle mode of a Cybertronian Jet.










Weapons & AbilitesEdit



Cyclonus appeared out of nowhere in a storm of light and tachyons over New Kaon. As Scalpel reassembled him, he noted his immense power, that his internal chronometer was off by megacycles. Cyclonus soon swore allegiance to Megatron, but seemingly in the abstract.


Battling for the control of a space bridge with Team Chaar, Cyclonus strafed Rodimus before using his twin swords to disable Ironhide and Brawn with the help of Oil Slick. Silently accepting Strika's orders to secure the area, he ignored the stoic defiance of the Autobot he had strafed before, not even watching it get disabled. It didn't matter to him. When the Elite Guard arrived and he was given the order to retreat, he did so without complaint. It's not like he cared anyway.






Notes & TriviaEdit

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