Laserbeak Animated

Laserbeak, Decepticon Espionage

Laserbeak (レーザービーク, Rēzābīku) is a Decepticon in the service of Soundwave. Transforming into an electric guitar, he aids in Soundwave's manipulations of sound and data transmission. He can hack into any computer acoustically, and also can focus sound into a concussive blast.

Although built by Soundwave, Laserbeak possesses a spark due to bearing a tiny sliver of the AllSpark.

Appearance & BiographyEdit

Voice actor: Not Known (English), Not Known (Japanese)

Because he was created by Soundwave, he is a mechanical bird that has the Alternate mode of a Flying V Electric guitar.










Weapons & AbilitesEdit

Laserbeak's sonic blasts in guitar mode are capable of knocking down a wall.




Sari spotted Laserbeak flying around the Autobot base when she came to visit, and she followed him into a previously unknown basement, where she discovered Soundwave and the comatose Autobots. Sari tried to attack, but Soundwave lazily summoned Laserbeak and played a sweet riff, blowing her back to the elevator. As she rode the elevator up, Laserbeak clawed at her through the elevator cage.

When Sari returned to fight Soundwave with a group of "Substitute Autobots", Laserbeak swooped at her repeatedly until she shot him out of the sky with her energy blasts. He then broke Wreck-Gar's accordion before going back to bothering Sari. When Optimus Prime regained control of himself, he grabbed Laserbeak, forced him to transform into guitar mode, and started using his sound waves to counter those emitted by Ratbat. He quickly got within range of Soundwave and started beating him up with his own guitar, breaking Soundwave and Ratbat into pieces.

Laserbeak regained control a few moments later, transforming to bird mode as he swooped down, picked up the tiny, surviving fragment of Soundwave, and flew off with it to places unknown.






Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Many fans were surprised that Laserbeak did not make an appearance in "Sound and Fury". At BotCon 2008, it was revealed that the show's staff were unaware of Hasbro's decision to include him with the Soundwave toy, but explained that Laserbeak would appear when Soundwave returned in Season 3.
  • In his cartoon appearances, Laserbeak's guitar mode is mistransformed, with the tail/guitar neck not properly extended.