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The Nemesis

The Nemesis (ネメシス, Nemeshisu) is a Decepticon ship, originally under the command of Megatron. According to Optimus Prime, the markings on the ship depict it is a command ship. Starscream later on, have salvaging parts re-molded it into the monstrous Decepticon of the Great War in his own view of image, Trypticon.

The crew of the ship has included:



The Nemesis was a Decepticon warship under the control of Megatron. It has a Grand Mal class force field, a cybertroid alloy star drive, Moleculon missiles, and a sophisticated sensor array. Unknown to the Autobots, it carried the protoforms stolen from Master Yoketron's dojo four million years prior.

It showed up on the outskirts of Autobot-controlled space almost immediately after the legendary AllSpark was discovered by Optimus Prime and his crew of space bridge repair-bots. It attacked Teletran-1 in an attempt to capture the AllSpark. When the Autobots and Megatron were hurled into an unstable space bridge, the Decepticon crew abandoned ship on Devolan escape ships purchased from Swindle. They left the Nemesis and its new de facto captain Starscream to be scrapped by the impending explosion.


For the next fifty stellar cycles, Starscream piloted the remains of the ship, searching for the AllSpark to show the Decepticons he deserved to be their new leader. When its systems detected an AllSpark-like energy signature from a remote star system, he went to investigate. En route, he monitored television transmissions that depicted Prime and his Autobots as the new superheroes along side with the Teen Titans of Jump City.