TFA Five Servos processor over matter


Processor-over-matter is an advanced cyber-ninja technique that allows the ninja-bot to manipulate his surroundings using a supreme state of mental concentration. Most start humming when concentrating.


The martial arts master Yoketron is the foremost expert on this technique, and he was able to pass on the basics to Prowl before he was killed.


Prowl had little success with the technique for the most part, only showing the first glimmering of it when he used it to escape from stasis cuffs. This revelation proved fleeting, and subsequent attempts met with mixed success. Prowl eventually achieved mastery of this technique after he learned who had been Yoketron's murderer. Prowl and Jazz later used it to summon pieces of the AllSpark and to defeat a Lugnut Supreme and Trypticon, at the cost of Prowl's life.

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