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Snarl, Dinobot Smasher

Snarl (スナール, Sunāru) is a Triceratops Dinobot. Built quite a bit better than a tank, there's nothing he enjoys more than taking the nearest solid object and headbutting it. It's not so much the mindless destruction he likes, it's just that Snarl thoroughly enjoys being strong, and smashing things to powder seems like the best way of expressing this. And if he needs to mix things up a little, being able to breathe fire hot enough to melt a garbage truck helps.

Appearance & BiographyEdit

Voice actor: Peter Lurie (English), Takashi Nagasako (Japanese)

One of the first robots brought to life on Earth by the power of the AllSpark, Snarl has a lot in common with the dinosaur whose form he takes in beast mode. He's almost impossible to hurt, first of all, and he really likes smashing stuff with his tail, or ramming it with the horns on his head. He prefers his beast mode to his robot mode, because he has more options for how to smash stuff as a triceratops. He doesn't take delight in random destruction the way some Decepticons do - he just really likes being strong, and breaking stuff seems like the best way to enjoy it.

While he has no Cybertronian vehicle mode, he does have the beast mode of a Triceratops.


  • Strong enough to smash boulders to powder.
  • Flame breath hot enough to melt a garbage truck.
  • Horns fire powerful tri-lasers.




Friends and AlliesEdit





Weapons and AbilitesEdit

Like Swoop and Grimlock, Snarl can shoot fire from his mouth in dino mode. In robot mode, he wields a large club that can burst into flames.








Notes & TriviaEdit

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