5ServosDoom Tigatron Stadium

The Tigatron Stadium

The Tigatron Stadium is a major sporting venue in Jump City, and home of the Jump City Tigertrons. Lugnut is not fond of its AstroTurf.





After Lockdown captured the liar Starscream clone, he arranged to meet Sentinel Prime in Tigatron Stadium to arrange his usual trade. Their little party was interrupted by Prowl who, suspicious of the ease with which Sentinel had been capturing Decepticons, had tracked him to the stadium. When the Starscream clone claimed to be helpless, Prowl realized it was a doublecross, and began fighting Lockdown while Sentinel and the clone fought each other. Lockdown was able to use Yoketron's helmet boobytrapped to capture Prowl and landed his ship in the middle of the stadium so he could do a little surgery and steal Prowl's mods.

Meanwhile the Teen Titans and more Autobots arrived to fight against the Starscream clone just outside the stadium. The battle led to the clone dropping Optimus and Sentinel. Sentinel ended up with his head stuck in the middle of the stadium. Optimus and Jazz ripped a scoreboard from the stands and attempted to throw it at the Starscream clone, just as the fight between Lockdown and his newly escaped prisoner moved into the impact zone. Prowl used Processor-Over-Matter to shatter the sign, saving the three of them from being flattened. Though Optimus slapped some stasis cuffs on the clone, Lockdown escaped.






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